Meet Evan

I Introduce Meditation to Young Adults

With quarantine having reduced our in-person interactions and social media taking up our attention, students need a simple way to unplug. Meditation is the ultimate substance free, no-product-needed antidote to social anxiety.

“I could definitely notice less anxiety at school and hanging out with friends.”

Phil MartinezStudent, SHU

The 3 components of an impactful speech:

My Story

Connection and relatable. I started out at the same place as you.

Live Exercises

I ask for a volunteer to come up on stage with me. We interact with the crowd. Everyone loves it. It's awesome.

Call To Action

I encourage everyone to use Headspace as a means of building and maintaining a daily meditation practice.

My Story



Born to 2 wonderful loving parents, Bob and Adrienne, in Fairfield, CT,

2010 (Freshman)

Began high school, social anxiety got me friends with the wrong crowd. Arrested for possession of marijuana at school after 2 months of high school.

2011 - 2013 (Sophomore & Junior)

Difficult time maintaining friends, dealing with stigma from the 2010 incident, and looking at colleges. Believe it or not... I actually got "mono" (the kissing disease) twice - neither time was from a girl 🙁 Lots of sick days and spending the entire day in bed.

2014 (Senior)

Discovered meditation. Began using Headspace as guided meditation in the morning for 10 minutes. Got my first 4.0 GPA.


Graduated from Norwalk Community College as Valedictorian with scholarships for my next endeavor. By this time I was meditating 1 hour a day.

2017 & 2018

Transferred to Franklin University Switzerland in Lugano, Switzerland where I obtained a Bachelor's in International Management. During my time there I amassed a YouTube travel vlog of 110+ episodes taking place in 23 countries. With social anxiety non-existent, I developed friends wherever I went from around the world.


Covid hits and I start to sell life insurance. Meditation helps with the sales mindset. I am very successful, and start my own agency: FFL Meditate. We did $1.3 million in sales during 2021.